Chloe, one of the most awesome people in the Vortex Club. Protector of me and goals. Loves to annoy me, really good at it actually... Awesome at writing hella interesting fanfictions.- I Can't... (#1 FAN BTW) Really smart, and a quick learner. Don't know what I'd do without you, really fucking love you. Mine ❤. Hella hella, hella hella hella. Hella hella? Hella.

- Rachel Amber

CHLOBY. He's chill, cool, funny, and kind. He's one of those few in the chat that actually have a nice heart and who can get along with everyone. He's also the first Turkish dude I ever met, and I don't regret adding him to the chat and meeting him at all. I'm glad he's still with us. :) :D He also is part of the Amberprice ship and I SHIP THAT SHIP so yeah. That says it all. :P

- Ellie Williams

Okay, so now were talking about the mighty, great and fabulous Chloby. He's a wonderful person, hes' caring he's a awesoem friend and always there when you need to talk to someone. We havn't been in a long conversation yet but i will change that soon. ;) Keep happy buddy!

- Taku/Joel