Esteban is pretty fucking cool. Funny, nice, hella caring and I can talk to them about RWBY ;). I heard you like homestuck... I mean HELLA like. Really fun to talk to, hella interesting. They're really nice and I'm glad I can consider them my friend ❤

- Rachel Amber

Esteban aka Mon is one of the most lively spirited in the chat. They have a great sense of humor and even though we don't talk as much, I appreciate their contribution to the chat :D They've helped so much in the past (back in the Dark Days) and they've always stuck with us no matter what. :)

- Ellie Williams

Esteban basically is the dude who jokes about everything (in a good way) supportive af, hilariously hilarious, and has "fought" beside us when we needed peeps the most. (Does this make any sense?) Every time he is online , everyone in the group cracks up.

- Darla

Estaban's a cool humanoid creature (still unsure of gender at this stage), he has an awesome taste in music, which I can relate to. He helped rid the world of the monsters.

- Perri Price