Probably one of the most (im)mature guys in the group. Not around a lot but takes care of shit and keeps everyone chill. Likes to cosplay, pretty good at it. Pretty loving guy, nice friend, chill, annoying. Lovable idiot. (Probably shouldn't let me edit your page). Works a lot, not much time yet still makes time for you. Good cook and good teacher. Future game developer ay. I think he was part of WW1? Or the American Civil War? Not sure... Actually he used to be a Neanderthal until he evolved into a Homo sapien. (Still has the brains of a Neanderthal... kidding ❤)

- Rachel Amber

So, German Joel... He is a hella cool person. He wasn't with us for a while but now he's back and talking with us lol we luv u Joel.

- Chloe Price

He's the real Joel and he is funny and sarcastic! He likes music and video games!

- Riley Abel

And there's also German Joel. Everybody was super happy when he joined us again. He's very cool at roleplaying, a caring person like Joel himself. I haven't gotten any chances to have a long conversation with him but he surely is a good person. Well everybody in here is, that's why we're close af.

- Darla

German fucking Joel. He is my trusty, tough as metal (but so very old) companion. He's pretty much the dad of the group and he always takes care of us no matter what. Even though sometimes he tries too hard to give me nicknames, I still love him as a father. Seriously. He could even be my grandfather. Just kidding (don't kill me Joel). We kill infected together and he isn't so bad with guns and a bow. Though, I still think I rock the bow better than him. But yeah, I'm his kiddo. YOU FUCK WITH JOEL, YOU FUCK WITH ME TOO.

- Ellie Williams