SO NICE, SO SWEET. How can a person be that nice? The only one who ever denied I was a bitch. So pure, needs to be protected. Hella precious. Hella friendly and supportive, pretty sure real life Kate Marsh. Most likely gives the nicest hugs. Warmest personality in this group. Fluffy as a bunny but could still kick your butt. Respect ❤

- Rachel Amber

Well, Darla and I only speak for a few times but she is a good person and a good friend.

- Chloe Price

Animu Dork(too) she's undeniably one of the people you must approach to when it comes to anime. She is so damn SUGOI and when you chat with her (especially single ready to mingle ladies and uhhh guys too I guess) you'll feel yourself go DOKI DOKI and embrace the anime ways. She's informative, opinionated and friendly.

- Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez

Darla aka Mad Ellie's Tattoo XD is super supportive and helpful! She's stuck with us ever since the beginning (along with the others xD) and she's been such a great help. Even though she isn't on most of the time (we miss her!) she will forever remain as an og member and family. :D

- Ellie Williams

And now we are talking about the mysterious Darla...dont mind me, idk why i wrote mysterious XD shes a really nice person and i really like her. Shes also really sweet and (like Rach already said) she needs to be protected! :3 Sadly we haven't been in a long conversation now but i will change that too, soon. Stay as cool and awesome as you are :3

- Taku/Joel