Aidan, the savior of the group chat. Not only did he help protect the Vortex Club from trolls and assholes, he helped us by bringing peace to us all. Great at trolling idiots/assholes, 10/10 memes. Got rid of a delusional stalker/creep in the best way possible. Pretty damn awesome.

- Rachel Amber

Aidan is a cool guy, he has a good sense of humour and he's a great friend to me.

- Chloe Price

Aidan is freaking the most chillest Aussie I have ever met. He's sarcastic at a loooot of times and he is literally the Meme King, and for once, HIS MEMES AREN'T CRINGY UNLIKE OTHERS *coughs* He's funny and one of the best protectors that the chat has ever known. :P

- Ellie Williams

Chillest dude I've met so far, so chill he can replace the whole arctic lands. He's the source for all music, movies, comics and stuff. He's got the Geek Index of all universes. He's also very modest, chill, humorous and did I mention chill?

- Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez

Aidan is the main dude in here. Hilarious af, always active and seems very friendly. Been with the group since day one. He's very caring as a person too.

- Darla