Riley is an amazing best friend. She's awesome, badass, funny, and hella nice all at the same time! She's always there to cheer you up and she loves giving out hugs! She looks fucking (can i cuss or nah?) cute with elf ears and is the best Riley ever! I'm glad to have met her!

- Ellie Williams

She always gives you a hug when you need it! Probably made out of rainbows and happiness, makes many cookies so they probably taste like heaven. Honestly one of the nicest people you could ever meet, so pure. Greatest friend you could ever have!

- Rachel Amber

Riley is a good friend (even tho we didnt speak so much thanks to time difference) and she has a big heart.

- Chloe Price

CINNAMON ROLL and makes the best tasting cookies. So good you'll doubt whether or not there's weed in it, it will bring you to CLOUD 9. She's the angel grace and the living proof peace can be achieved if we eat her cookies.

- Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez

Riley, Riley Riley,,,first of all, while im writing this, it's her Birthday soooo..... HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAYYYYYY!!! Have a good day!!! Okay, so, shes a really happy person! She's always in a good mood and a little Mass Effect nerd and i like that :P She also has a dog if i remember correctly and thats awesome too!

- Taku/Joel